Q&A from the guidance

This is Hime, Treasurer of MP12.
On the last Sunday, the final guidance was done AND….
Finally we started to accept your applications for the Audition!!
I can’t wait to see you again on the day, and also those who couldn’t come to the guidance, I’m hoping to meet you at the audition!


Here again, YOU CAN JOIN MP even if you have not come to the guidance!!!!Remember that!!


This is the guidance booklet we passed to the participants.
You can download it HERE.

In addition to reading this booklet, in the guidance, we got questions below.
I want to share these with everyone, and if you have any other questions, you can send it to us by e-mail. Our door is always open!!


So, here we go!!

About Audition

Q. Do I have to edit the karaoke truck myself?
A. Basically, we would like you to edit it if you can. If not, the original length of the karaoke truck is also acceptable.

Q. What is the “bridge part?”
A. We meant it サビ, but actually, it is not the correct term. Correctly, it is Chorus.
So let us explain it again!

    When you want to be a cast, please sing one-minute edited English song including Chorus part. When you edit the karaoke truck, you don’t need introduction. A cappella is fine but using karaoke music is better.

Q. My first concern is Cast and my second concern is Live Musician. In that case how do I join the audition?
A. At the audition, you can sing and also play the instrument after your self-introduction. But the audition for Live Musician is held only on the 12th, so you have to come on 12th. If you can’t come on the 12th, please let us know when you apply for the audition by e-mail.

About Call Back

Q. I’ll be out from Japan after the audition and can’t answer the phone for its result. What should I do?
A. In that case, we can tell you the result by e-mail. So please let us know your special reason when you apply for the audition by email.

About Rehearsals

Q. I’m going to start working from this spring and have to miss some rehearsals. Can I join?
A. Basically, we need each one of you in every rehearsal because we are one team. But if you have any special reason, please ask us anything about it by e-mail.
  (基本的に、どの稽古にもメンバー一人ひとりを必要としています。なぜなら私たちはひとつのチームだからです。 しかし、もし特別な理由があるなら、そのことについてなんでも私たちにメールで聞いてください。相談に乗ります!)

Q. Where is the rehearsal place?
A. After Kick Off, we do Joint Rehearsals. All section gather in the same place, but we use different places everyday. However, every place is around Tokyo, and you can reach there by trains or bus.
  And then, after Joint Rehearsals, unfortunately, we will separate ; (
Cast, Lighting, and Sound sections use different places every day, and Live Musicians also use different studios every day. Setting& Property and Make-up & Costume have their own places, but the places are not decided yet. We will tell you when they are decided.
  (そして、ジョイントリハーサルが終わると、残念ながら私たちはセクションごとに分かれます。Cast、Lighting,そしてSoundは一緒に毎日別の場所を使います。Live Musicianも毎日別のスタジオで練習します。Setting & Property とMake-up & Costumeはそれぞれ決まった場所を持っていますが、まだ場所が確定していません。決まり次第お知らせいたします。)
Even after Joint Rehearsals, we sometimes gather in the same place to share what each section is doing for our performance. And also we have Camp, Run Throughs, and Technical Rehearsal before load in, we FEEL ONE even after joint rehearsals.
(ジョイントリハーサルが終わった後でも、私たちは時に同じ場所に集まり、進行状況を共有します。また、キャンプやランスルー(通し稽古)、テクニカルリハーサル(本番会場でのリハーサル)というように、小屋入り前に全員で集まる機会がたくさんありますので、ジョイントリハーサルが終わってからも、常にFEEL ONEし続けます。)

About the number

Q.How many members is MP12 going to gather totally?
A. We don’t know yet because everyone can join if you take the audition. We control the number of each section, but we do not set a limit of the number for MP12. Therefore every year the number differs. For example, last year, MP11 had more that 100 people.

Q. How many members does each section need?
A.We will decide the number of each section after the audition.

About Expense

Q. When do we pay the fee?
A. About the date to pay the expenses, we will notify you on the Kick Off day; 2/19.

Q. Does Parka fee include T-shirt fee?
A. Yes, it does. You pay only \5000 and get both of MP12 original Parka and T-shirt.

About the play: “Here we are”

Q. Please tell me the brief story of “Here we are”
  (MP12の演目“Here we are”のあらすじを教えてください。)
A. Thanks to this question, we prepared the synopsis booklet of “Here we are.” We sent the book let data to the first guidance participants, and we passed the paper booklet to the participants of the second and the third guidances. We cannot upload the booklet here, but we can send it to your PC address, so if you want to read it, please contact us by email.
  (このご質問を受けて、”Here we are”概要書冊子を作成し、第一回目ガイダンス参加者にはメールでデータを、また第2回・第3回ガイダンスの参加者には冊子をお配りしました。ここで概要書冊子のデータをアップすることはできませんが、メールでお送りすることはできますので、ご希望の方はメールにてご連絡ください。)


Q. I’m not good at English. Is it okay?
 @ (英語が得意ではないのですが、それでも大丈夫ですか?)
A.Yes, of course!! MP is the place where you learn English. Let’s make meaningful mistakes and improve our skills together.

Q. I have never danced before, is it okay?
A. Sure!! Every year, many members experiences dancing in MP for the first time!
  (もちろん大丈夫です! 多くのメンバーがMPでダンスデビューするのですよ!)

Q. I want to be a Live Muscian, but I don’t have the instrument I can play at hand.
A. Basically we would like you to prepare your instrument yourself.

Q. Please tell me the schedule of LOAD IN day(5/10) in detail.
A. We are sorry but it is not decided yet. We will tell you after it is decided.

Q. Can I make my boy/girl friend in MP?
A. DEPENDS ON YOU!! Nobody stop you.

Thank you very much for coming to our guidance!!

Thank you very much for coming to our guidance!!
We hope to see you all at the audition!!!!!

Thank you.

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